Kesrick Williams made this gesture after dismissing Virat Kohli

Kesrick Williams made this gesture after dismissing Virat Kohli

Sports Desk – The 2nd match of the tri-match T20 series was won by West Indies by 8 wickets.  In this match, Kesrick Williams and Virat Kohli once again met face to face. But this time Williams dismissed Virat Kohli and settled his account.

After dismissing Virat Kohli, Williams put his index finger on his lips and made a gesture towards his teammates to not say anything. Kesrick Williams signals teammates to not make noise after Kohli’s dismissal.

Williams seemed to learn a lesson after being smashed and sledged by Indian skipper Virat Kohli in the first T20I at Hyderabad for his notebook celebration on getting wickets. The lesson was never messed with Kohli.

After the match when Kohli was questioned about his gesture towards the bowler.

The skipper virat kohli replied, “It happened to me in Jamaica when he (Williams) got me out so I thought I would tick a few in the notebook as well but all good, smiles out there, in the end, that’s what you want to see, good competitive cricket but at the end of the day we shake hands, that’s what cricket is all about, play hard but at the end have respect for your opponents.

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