Chelsea 2-2 Liverpool: Manchester City Already League Champions?

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Chelsea vs Liverpool

Liverpool had it all straight in the first-half of the game at Stamford Bridge as they were 2 goals up in hopes of putting up a fight for the Premier League title this season.

The game saw Sadio Mane, who had been under a nine-game goal drought, bag a goal and Mohamed Salah display another moment of brilliance to mark the new year in the first half of their game – which was among the recommended football accumulators – against Chelsea in London.

However, things quickly took a U-turn due to one careless foul, that would’ve seem harmless in some cases of football.

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The foul led to a free-kick being played, and Mateo Kovacic ended up scoring a stunner to hand Chelsea a lifeline where there seemed to be none at first.

Before the referee blew the whistle for halftime break, Liverpool’s lead had gone down the drain, which also went with their chances of catching up to Manchester City.

Chelsea should also be written off. Although the game played between both clubs displayed why they are ahead the other 17 teams in the league, it also showed why they might never catch up to the league reigning champions this season.

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Thanks to the 2-2 draw, which will be well-celebrated by City fans, the defending champions are now 10 points clear of Chelsea and 11 of Liverpool, who still has an outstanding game left to play, but they will have to do without Salah and Mane for the rest of January. This will leave the Reds on a shaky spot.

There were several circumstances they had to face like injuries, suspension, covid and the absence of manager, Jurgen Klopp, this season. But they have no one to blame for their loss except their carelessness. The game against Chelsea on Sunday was a game they should’ve won to keep the title hopes alive and fierce.

The game at Stamford Bridge is their sixth draw this season, and they took the lead in five of them. Back when the Merseyside team clinch the Premier League title in 2020, they were seen as a team that won games with ease, almost like it wasn’t a challenge to them, but that form is nowhere to be found now.

The Reds were excited when Mane capitalised on an error from Trevor Chalobah to score the opening goals of the game, nine minutes into the game. This became the Mane’s first goal in nine games, and it was scored with great confidence.

Chelsea has started the game in high spirits but they ended up grasping for the straws in the 26th minute, as Trent Alexander-Arnold picked out Salah, who ran past Marcos Alonso, to find the back of the net, denying Edouard Mendy a save at the near post.

Despite being with the lead advantage, Liverpool didn’t give off the feeling of being in control of the game. The Reds pass completing in the first half of the game was registered to be their lowest this season, which is what Chelsea continued to find solace in.

An error from James Milner and a screamer from Kovacic changed the game. Not long after, Christian Pulisic found the back of the net to square the game before halftime.

Liverpool took things more serious in the second half, which also saw Mendy filled with praise as he save potential goals from both Salah and Mane, while Chelsea explored the Reds’ defence slowly, taking most of the ball possession.

However, both side failed to find that goal that would place them above the other in the game as the it ended in a draw.

Manchester City, now, only needs to maintain their top points and possibly extend the 10-points lead for the remainder of the season.

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