Endrick reveals the relationship contract with his girlfriend which has several strange clauses

Wonderkid Endrick Girlfriend Gabriely Miranda

Brazilian prodigy Endrick disclosed that he signed a “relationship contract” with his partner that has a number of odd clauses.

Even though Endrick is just 17 years old, he already has a bright future.

When the young player made his Palmeiras debut at the age of 16, he caused a stir in his own country of Brazil. In December 2022, he gained international attention when Real Madrid declared that they would sign him when he turns 18 this summer.

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Signing young players from South America by European clubs can be dangerous, particularly if the signing is for more than €60 million.

But when Endrick scored in his senior Brazil debut last month at Wembley against England and again a few days later against Spain, everyone could see he had quality.

The young player is becoming accustomed to making news for his on-field achievements, but less so for his off-field activities.

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Endrick’s relationship contract

In a recent interview with the “Pod Delas” podcast, Endrick—who is dating 20-year-old model Gabriely Miranda—disclosed that the two of them have written a “contract” for their relationship that has certain peculiar terms.

According to the clauses:

  1. Prohibitions include any form of addiction or drastic changes in behavior while expressing “I love you” in all situations is mandatory.
  2. Both parties MUST not ARGUE in public places.
  3. Both parties must have no romantic or intimate relationship with others, including their exes.
  4. Violation of any of the terms would result in monthly fines from either party in the form of gifts

Some more severe provisions forbid any kind of addiction and call for significant behavioral adjustments.

Earlier this year, the striker gave an explanation for his decision to abstain from alcohol in a CazeTV interview.

“I don’t want to drink because unfortunately, with the things I’ve experienced in my family, I know that alcohol is not for me,” he said.

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“Going out to buy clothes is. My parents control me if I spend too much, especially on video games.”

Although the “contract” for the relationship may have been well-intentioned, Endrick’s personal life is generating a lot of media attention, which worries Palmeiras manager Abel Ferreira.

“I hope he [Endrick] stays focused on football and doesn’t get distracted by other things,” Ferreira said following Palmeiras’ defeat against Internacional this week.

“If you want to reach higher levels, you have to focus on what is essential.”