Henry names his six greatest PL Hall of Fame legends

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PL Hall of Fame legends

Thierry Henry names his six greatest Premier League Hall Of Fame legends

Arsenal’s greatest player Thierry Henry and Manchester United’s all time top scorer Alan Shearer are the first player to be named in Premier League Hall of Fame.

Six other ex-players will join them this year. Out of those selection, Henry has named his six greatest PL Hall of Fame legends.

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The French international named Paul Scholes as the player who most “scared” his all-conquering Arsenal side and Roy Keane and Eric Cantona.

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Henry’s list includes his former Arsenal teammates Dennis Bergkamp and Patrick Vieira, as well as Chelsea legend Frank Lampard.

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Let’s see what Henry said on his six legends

“I get annoyed when people talk about Roy Keane and about his tackles, that he was hard,” said Henry.

“Yes he was. He could tackle people as well all know – but what a player he was. He could pass the ball, he could score goals.

“I was in the stand when he scored that header to bring his team back into the Champions League semi-final and I was like, ‘Wow’.

On Scholes, Henry claimed: “When we used to play Man United – and you guys know the team they had and how great they were – every time we played them, we wanted to stop him. He was making the team tick… We were scared of him.

“I’m not saying we were not scared of the others! But him, first and foremost: if you stop him, you stop a lot of Man United.”

Praising Cantona’s impact on the PL and on French football, Henry said: “He was very French, wasn’t he?” joked the pundit. “The collar up, his goals, his attitude, the way he used to score goals, like: ‘So what?’

“A French guy, that goes and plays for Man United, and your nickname is the king? When you know the history of the club, I was like: ‘Wow’.”

“Always people remember Patrick tackling someone or arguing with someone – for me, he’s the only guy who could have played alone in midfield. Alone. You could play 4-1-5 if you wanted.

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“And the quality! He was just unplayable at times – and I don’t know a lot of players who could do everything in midfield,” Henry on Vieira.

The last legend the 43 year old picked was Frank Lampard, as he marveled at: “The amount of goals, the amount of assists, defending, going forward. I think people will call him Mr Chelsea, along with John Terry.

“But Frank Lampard: he could just dominate a game on his own.”