Is this Gareth Bale’s last season in European football?

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Gareth Bale's Incredible Journey In Football

Is Gareth Bale going to retire after this season?

Gareth Bale is back in training with Real Madrid which would be his last season for them.

There are rumors of him either retiring from club football as he has had enough of criticism from the media relating his personal life or he could move to MLS.

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So in the upcoming season, he has a choice to leave behind a mark at Madrid as either a great or an injury phone.

Carlo Ancelotti will be obliged to squeeze all he can out of Bale. He will surely try to rediscover some sort of form in the Welshman.

“Gareth hasn’t played much, but he’s scored a lot of goals,” Ancelotti said during his presentation. “I know him well and, if he comes back with the motivation to play, he can have a good season.”

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Bale himself wants to stay and see out his final year at Real Madrid. Not only does he want to keep playing, but he wants to do just that at Los Blancos.