Lionel Messi suspended from international duty for 3 months

Lionel Messi suspended

Sports Desk – After having a fight with Gary Medel, Lionel Messi is suspended from his international squad for 3 months.

For Copa America third place, Argentina played against Chile in which Argentina defeated Chile by 2-1. Lionel Messi was again failed to win an international trophy with his team and with that, he got a red card for fighting with Gary Medel (Chile’s defender).

The South American Football ConfederationConmebol confirmed it on Friday that Messi will miss out his matches for Argentina for 3 months because of his corruption comments. He has also forced to pay a fine of $50000 (USD).

A 3 months ban means he will not play the upcoming four matches for Argentina. However, he can still appeal against this ban made on him. “Argentina should not take part in this corruption,” he said after the match.

After a match with Brazil, in which Argentina lost to them by 2-0, he accused the referee for match fixing. “VAR reviewed it and decided it was 50-50 and I wasn’t called to see it. They didn’t think it was a clear penalty.

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“On the first one, it is almost a reckless foul [by Aguero] on the defender. Why didn’t they show the camera angle from behind?,” Messi said in a conference.

Nobody knows whether the he was right or wrong, but the truth is that he is suspended for three months off duty and everyone needs to agree with that.