This statement from Jose Mourinho shows that he hates this ‘popular’ video game

Jose Mourinho confirmed as Roma's new head coach
Jose Mourinho

A statement from Jose Mourinho has came which shows that he hates ‘Fortnite’

Jose Mourinho is always sarcastic in his own unique way. The way he turn around things, whether on football pitch or personal life, he make his fans laugh.

In a recent interview, Mourinho was asked about his opinion on Epic Games’ video game ‘Fortnite. His answer to the question showed that he isn’t a fan of the Battle Royale game.

When asked what he thought of the game, he smiled and said: “a nightmare”.

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“Football players, they stay up all night playing that s**t, and the next day they have a game!”

Jose has been appointed as Roma’s new head coach this season. For the first time under Jose, Roma played a 1-1 draw with FC Porto.

Mourinho is arguably one of the greatest managers in football history and is really the ‘Special One’ for every football fan.