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BetVisa is a new bookmaker on the Bangladeshi scene. The sports betting site offers an overall very satisfactory user experience. Good odds and a complete offer catalog will seduce a good number of customers. The BetVisa Bangladesh bonus is on par with the best sports betting sites with this free bet of 1000 BDT. 


  • The catalog is interesting in many ways. BetVisa is a betting site with a different offering than what we are used to seeing. In addition to the classic sports, you can find baseball or Australian football for example.
  • The odds are in the high average of sports betting sites in Bangladesh. For a recent bookmaker this is a strong signal sent to its users. A good omen.
  • The ergonomics of the site is quite special but we are not particularly impressed by this interface. The name… is it possible to do more complicated?


BetVisa Bangladesh is a new sports betting site. You probably know it under its former name, Betstars. On the whole we can recommend this new legal site in Bangladesh without fear. Our analysis was positive on a majority of points. The possibility to play poker and to bet on sports on the same platform is a major asset in our opinion.

  • Ergonomics

Our opinion is divided on the question of ergonomics and navigation. While it is obvious that BetVisa offers a platform that is out of the ordinary, the navigation cues that we have on other sites are a bit disturbed. You can’t necessarily find the information you need without clicking through a number of menus or sub-menus. The big advantage however is that you can have a player account for both sports and poker. So you can switch from one to the other very quickly.

  • Catalog

A consistent and original betting offer. The sports on which the Bangladeshi bet are present. But you can add to those a list of foreign disciplines quite impressive. BetVisa is the most international offer of the market. You will find all the competitions authorized in Bangladesh with a large number of features available.

  • Feature

There is no trace of cash out, Fantasy League or prediction grid. The site has chosen to offer another exclusive feature with its Spin & Bet. The cash out is present on a wide selection of matches. Other important features, the boosted bets and live bets of BetVisa are already of a very good level. We are waiting to see if the bookmaker will go the extra step of streaming video.

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  • Quote

For a new player in the market, the bookmaker makes great efforts to seduce its customers with a formula that seems strategically perfect. Good odds, a good bonus and little originality. A recipe that often pays off for sports betting sites that have tried it. We remember the arrival of Winamax a few years ago.

  • Application

A site optimized for mobile and an application available on Android or Iphone. BetVisa does things right from the start and that’s good. If the application is not the most intuitive of the market you can still enjoy it after a period of adaptation a little longer than for other apps.

  • Legality

The site is approved by Curacao. Even if the entity was already present since 2016 under another name. The bookmaker is not really a new betting site. It benefits from the experience of Betstar.

  • Support

BetVisa support is not yet up to par with the big online betting sites. With only a contact form as a means of communication, you may have to wait a while for answers to your questions. This can be frustrating.

  • Bonus

The BetVisa 10,000 BDT bonus is a classic free bet with no minimum odds. It is a very good payout bet that puts it on par with sites like Unibet for example. Not having saved on the odds and the bonus makes sense to us. The new betting sites tend to offer bonuses with crazy conditions. This is not the case with BetVisa and that’s good.

BetVisa is definitely a candidate for the title of best new betting site in 2021. This generation of sites will still have a lot to do to catch up with the historical bookmakers. If technically, these new sites have nothing to envy to the market leaders, some factors are still in favor of the old sports betting sites.


BetVisa offers an application on Android and on Iphone. After testing this app for a few minutes our first feelings are quite similar to those of the site. The navigation is not yet at the level of the best sports betting applications but you have access to the same features as on the site. Another point that is a bit disturbing is that you have to fill in some information each time you connect because the BetVisa app is not equipped with a fingerprint sensor. Once you get the hang of it, the app is classic but rather easy to use.

Advantages & Disadvantages

  • Classic
  • All available features (statistics, account management).
  • No shortcuts to your favorite bets
  • Authentication with Fingerprint

Download the BetVisa application

BetVisa iOS

Download it on the Appstore. The BetVisa iphone app is available for people with IOS version 9 or higher.

BetVisa Android

Download it from the Playstore. The android BetVisa app has replaced the Betstars app on the online store.


The BetVisa bonus is a free first wager if you lose. The free bet conditions are nothing extraordinary and that is a good sign. The betting site has nothing to hide from its users. Most new betting sites make the mistake of offering big bonuses with complicated conditions to “trick” new customers. This is a bad strategy because betting sites have a vested interest in retaining their players. BetVisa benefits from the experience gained with Betstars to offer the best bonus of the new sports betting sites in bangladesh.

BetVisa bonus requirements

  • The minimum deposit is 1000 BDT
  • The first bet can be placed on any sport or bet type. There are no minimum odds
  • The refunded bet is paid out as a freebet 48 hours after the end of the event.
  • The bet amount is deducted when you win with a free bet. For example, if you place a free bet of 10000 BDT on odds of 3, you will receive or 20000 BDT instead of 30000 BDT
  • The free bet received is valid for 7 days and cannot be split into several bets. For example, if you get a freebet of 10000 BDT, it is not possible to play it with two bets of 5000 BDT.
  • This free bet is eligible with single and combined bets but does not work with Spin & Bet.


BetVisa is a promising new betting site for football bettors. The quality of the services offered and the holding of the odds are an undeniable asset to win players over the years. The best football betting sites are not equipped with the Spin & Bet of BetVisa. The bookmaker offers something out of the ordinary while keeping the fundamentals of betting on football. Offering high odds, live betting and having a maximum of cash out matches. These factors are important for the success of players.

We especially appreciate sites that share promo codes on social networks or on their own site. BetVisa is a good example of a site that keeps its players loyal with promotions on football but also on other sports.


BetVisa offers the best payment methods available in Bangladesh today. While Paypal and bank methods are by far the market leaders in Bangladesh, some e-wallets are starting to make their mark.

The bookmakers must therefore present these means as a priority. Their security level is often higher than other payment methods. This is a determining factor for the Bangladeshi market. We are very suspicious of new methods, which can be justified. The budget for monitoring and securing transactions is much higher at banks and large payment players than at new companies. This is an important factor in avoiding fraud.

In BD there are more good betting options such us we suggest to consider for your betting partner. 


Is it possible to bet and play poker on the BetVisa app?


Just like on the site you can play poker and bet on sports with one medium. This is the great thing about BetVisa.

How long is the BetVisa bonus valid for?

The validity time of the bonus is 7 days after receiving the bonus. So it is important to know when you want to sign up.

Is BetVisa a good betting site for beginners?

Yes and No.

Yes, for the quality of its product in general. However, we can regret not intuitive enough interfaces. This is quite penalizing for beginners.

Is BetVisa a good site to bet on football?


BetVisa is a very good site to bet on football. The quality of features such as cash out or live football betting have a positive impact on the user experience.

What kind of welcome bonus does BetVisa offer?

BetVisa offers a classic free bet in the amount of 10000 BDT. This is a very common bonus among sports betting sites. For a new bookmaker, this is a good bonus.

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