Online betting in India: How does it work?

Online betting in India: How does it work?
Online betting in India: How does it work?

The market in India for online betting can indeed be a little complicated. That is especially if you are new to the betting world. To give an example it can be difficult to figure out whether sports betting is legal in India or not. The reason for that is because the different states have different policies. There can therefore be a lot of confusion when it comes to which online betting sites in India are the best. 

How does the sports betting market in India work?

The sports betting market in India has grown a lot in the past couple of years. This means that there is a big number of betting websites to choose from today. If you are new in the betting world, one thing that you should keep in mind is that the betting websites that show up at the top of your Google search might not always turn out to be the best betting websites in India or the right betting websites for you personally. If you want to make sure that you choose the best betting website for you, it can always be a good idea to do a good research of the different betting websites that are on the market. 

In order to make the best research here are some of the things that you should keep in mind, when searching for good betting websites: 

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  • Great reviews of the betting website 
  • The quality of the betting website 
  • What kinds of bonus offers the betting website offers 
  • The amount of sports betting options the website has 

Use a comparison website 

If you want to make sure that you choose the most suitable betting website for your style of wagering, a great idea could be to use a website that offers a comparison of the different online betting websites for you, in order to find the best one. BettingGuru is a great example of a website with that exact purpose. BettingGuru is a team of experienced researchers and they have spent hundreds of hours going through a long list of different betting websites that accept indian players. A comparison site looks up all the options you have for you, and after that you get to make the decision of which online betting website you would like to try out. Using a comparison website will save you a lot of time searching for the right website, because you do not have to do the comparison yourself. 

The best sports to bet on 

Are you one of many Indians that have become interested in online sports betting lately? If you want to start betting there is a great variation of sports that you can bet on. Here a list of examples of the top sports to bet on: 

  • Cricket
  • Kabbadi 
  • Football 
  • Basketball

The Public Gaming Act

In India there are certain rules that you have to obey before trying out gambling or betting. These rules are collected into one whole act, called “the Public Gaming Act”. Many countries have these acts, in order to prevent bad things to occur while using online betting or gambling websites.

In Denmark the gambling authorities have published this Gaming Act, with the purpose of maintaining the consumption of gambling services at a moderate level and protecting young people and other vulnerable people from being exploited through gambling or developing a gambling addiction, plus protecting players by ensuring that gambling is provided in a fair, responsible and transparent manner and fourth to ensure public order and to prevent gambling as a means to support crime.

The same purpose goes for India, where the Public Gaming Act was written down in 1867 to provide for the punishment of public gaming and the keeping of common gaming houses in the United Provinces, East Punjab, Delhi and the Central Provinces. This means that there are rules for these public gaming houses, and these are illegal, which means that you shouldn’t visit them. Do a good research before entering an indian gambling market.


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