The most played casino games this year

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Source: pexels - Javon Swaby

Video games have gone from a burgeoning fad among fans of computer technology to a multi-billion dollar global industry over just a few decades. Even the earliest games were designed to test the limits of the technology available and the evolution of the industry has allowed it to stay at the cutting edge.

Even the earliest games were impressive when they were released, with Pong wowing players simply because of the technology involved. Early mobile phones enjoyed a similar effect when they began to include the ever-popular snake game – players loved the challenge and the playability of the game and wanted more.

Now, with games that include exceptional graphics and studio-quality sound, players can enjoy a wide variety of new and traditional games. While the top ten may change from one season to the next, there are certain trends that stay consistent such as the ongoing popularity of casino games.

Many play casino games online through popular sites such as Virgin Games, download their favourite games, or play them in app form, and there are more ways than ever for people to enjoy online gaming. Fans of traditional games can enjoy a wide selection of favourites that have been realised in new and exciting ways for the modern-day player, including:

Slot Machines

Also known as pokies, one-armed bandits, fruit machines, and a variety of other nicknames, traditional slot machines have earned fans the world over. So it’s no surprise to learn that slots are still one of the most popular casino games in the world, with millions of players worldwide and the top-performing casinos generating more than $10 billion per year. 

Slots are an ideal game as they are simple enough that anyone can play, but complex enough that the games are truly engaging and exciting. There are plenty of themed slot games coming to the market, with characters and themes from films, television, music, and even other games.

Some of the most popular themes include:

  • Ancient Egypt
  • Adventure games
  • Alien and space
  • Norse mythology
  • Irish
  • Quiz shows
  • Fruit

However, there are also plenty of weird and wonderful slot themes that haven’t quite gone mainstream yet, including:

Machine Gun Unicorn – this game offers a whole new take on a shoot ‘em up and features a unicorn with a machine gun on its head and various ghoulish symbols such as pickled zombie heads.

Cyrus the virus – not everyone wants to play a game in which a viral infection is one of the main characters, but if you like a big helping of weird with your wonderful then this might be the game for you.

Cash and Curry – as one of the most popular foods, maybe it shouldn’t come as a surprise that this game features a generous helping of curry as you play.

Eggomatic – this unlikely factory features mechanical chickens, conveyer-belts, and lots and lots of eggs to create a theme that’s truly unlike any other.

With so many different versions, there is a slot game to suit anyone’s tastes, not to mention the different playing styles and a host of other features that make every game unique.


While card games have always been popular, blackjack has the advantage over poker in that each player is pitting their wits against the dealer. There’s no need to spot fellow players’ tells, bluff through a bad hand, or even keep a poker face, making online blackjack the perfect game for many.

Blackjack relies on a strong combination of luck and skill, with the best players getting ahead because of their unflinching ability to play the odds and use probability in their favour. Knowing what the dealer will do in any situation makes the outcome of a blackjack game a little more predictable, but there is still some skill in finding the betting pattern that is most likely to give you results.

There are pre-determined plays that are statistically most likely to give players a win, not to mention betting strategies that enable players to capitalise on a good hand. Experienced players will maximise their wins when the cards are in their favour and cut their losses quickly when they aren’t.


A game with truly universal appeal, roulette is one of the easiest and most complex games in a casino. While players are traditionally shown ‘putting it all on black’ or similar, the variety of betting options is what makes roulette such a compelling game.

Bets are place on the layout, with a choice of options that offer different odds depending on which you pick. In films and on TV shows, players will usually choose to either put it on red or black, sometimes opting for a specific number or choosing between odds and evens.

The layout varies slightly between different versions of the game, depending on whether you are playing European roulette, also known as single zero, American roulette, also known as double zero, or very occasionally, a triple zero wheel. They all include a grid of numbers that provide alternative betting options such as:

Split – a bet on two numbers that are next to one another on the layout

Street – a bet on three consecutive numbers such as 7,8,9

Six line or double street – betting on six consecutive numbers that form two lines in the grid

With so many different games available, it’s never been easier to find one that suits your playing style and preferences.