The Most Popular Games with Sports Fans

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Source - unsplash .com - Mitch Rosen

Many fans of sports also really enjoy playing video and online games. This might seem surprising, but really that should not be the case.

After all, gaming has quite a lot in common with sports as both provide people with a competitive buzz. Beyond that though, games can allow people who watch sports to get a taste of what it is like to actually play them.

That is why games based on popular sports like football and basketball have proven to be such a hit with fans of them. They allow that passion to become a bit more interactive than just sitting watching the games.

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This article will explore the games that sports fans are most enthusiastic about.

Lightning Roulette

This first one may appear a bit of an odd choice, after all – what has roulette got to do with sports? Well nothing directly, but the Lightning Roulette version of it has still managed to captivate fans of professional sport.

It could be that they are simply drawn to the nail-biting competition aspects of this game. It is a variant of roulette where each game features five ‘lucky’ numbers and if a player has wagered on any of those numbers, their winnings can be multiplied by as much as 500-times!

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This game is most appealing to those sports fans who also like to bet on the sports. They are the ones signing up to Rainbow Riches Casino to play the Lightning Roulette games.


This football franchise is almost as popular as the beautiful game itself and has turned into a long-running series. The FIFA game enables fans of football to pick the teams they support to play as, in addition to their particular favourite player.

They can even put together fantasy versions of their team made up of current players and legends from the past. The appeal is not hard to understand, as it can make fans feel like they have more control over the outcomes for their team than they do in the real world.

It also requires serious gaming skill to manipulate the joystick and make the players perform on the pitch. That makes the FIFA game absorbing and challenging as well as an exciting sports game.

It means that fans feel a sense of achievement when they make a player score a goal or produce a stand-out save. It is almost like actually being on the pitch.


There is more than one video game series dedicated to basketball, as it is a sport that is growing in global popularity fast, but NBA 2K is the ‘daddy’ of them all. Sales of this franchise vastly outstrip those of any of its competitors.

To date, around 90 million of the games in the franchise have been sold around the world. One reason why it is doing better than other games such as NBA Live is the presence of gaming modes like My Team, which lets you build fantasy sides out of old and new NBA stars, and Career, where you can mould an individual player and play 2K games as him.

Those additional options give the game that something extra and make it the top gaming choice for basketball fans throughout the world.


This games franchise has now extended to 23 editions and is probably the biggest NFL game with sports fans. It takes its name from John Madden, a former coach for the Oakland Raiders.

Madden earned a place in the Hall of Fame after leading the side to the Super Bowl, as well numerous division titles and play-off appearances. He is a legendary figure within American football then and the game that bears his name lives up to that.

It features every side in the league and gives players the Ultimate Team option where they make up their fantasy team. As the sole NFL game left on the market following a deal struck between the league and EA Sports, it is the one to play for fans of that sport.

Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater

There are a lot of fans of skateboarding now and Hawk is one of the greatest of all time. His Pro Skater game lets those who lack the balance needed for the sport itself show off their on-screen board skills in a skate park they have built for themselves.

From the second game in the series it really rose to the top of the sports gaming leagues with the addition of a multiplayer game mode. That enabled fans of the sport to take part in virtual skateboard tournaments against each other and really boosted its popularity among them.

These games are the most popular ones with sports fans right now, although others like the PGA Tour game are also big.