Top 10 Longest Javelin Throw Record Holders In History

Top 10 Longest Javelin Throw Record Holders In History

Here are the top 10 longest javelin throw record holders of all time

Indian athlete Neeraj Chopra recently won the gold medal in Javelin throw category. He threw the javelin 87.58 meter from his position.

This article will tell you about the top 10 longest Javelin throw record holders in history. Can you guess who threw the javelin longer Sergey Makarov or Raymond Hecht?

Longest Javelin Throw Record Holders

  1. Jan Zelezny – 98.48m
  2. Johannes Vetter – 97.76m
  3. Thomas Rohler – 93.90m
  4. Aki Parviainen – 93.09m
  5. Julius Yego – 92.72m
  6. Sergey Makarov – 92.61m
  7. Raymond Hecht – 92.60m
  8. Andreas Hofmann – 92.06m
  9. Konstadinos Gatsioudis – 91.69m
  10. Andreas Thorkildsen – 91.59m

On 25 May 1996, Jan Zelenzy threw the Javelin with enough power that it landed 98.48 far and it’s still a record named to him. It has been 26 years since he made the history and stunned everyone present on the field.

In 2020, German athlete Johannes Vetter threw his javelin to 97.76 meters far and recorded the second longest throw in game’s history.

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