10 players found Corona positive, matches suspended in Brazil

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10 players found Corona positive, matches suspended in Brazil

A football match in the Latin American country of Brazil was postponed because 10 players from one team came out corona positive. The news came to light a few minutes before the match started, after which the match had to be postponed

Sports Desk – Rio de jinario On Sunday, 10 members of the Brazilian football team Goias were found to be Covid-19 positive, after which the last minute match had to be postponed.

Goias was to compete with Sao Paulo FC. The audience was not present on the ground. This was the first weekend of the start of the Brazilian football season.

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The decision to postpone the match was taken by the Superior Sports Court for Football, which was later accepted by the Brazilian Football Confederation (CBF).

This decision of the court was pronounced at the last minute. There was very little time left for the match to begin. After the verdict, both teams entered Assam. The team of Sao Paulo FC came on the field and started warming up.

“10 of our 23 players have come to Corona Positive,” Goes President Marccello Almeida said in a conversation with the television channel. Unfortunately, we came to know about their results today.

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The El Capitano – Sergio Ramos

According to the news, “8 out of these 10 were regular part of the team”.

Sao Paulo FC said they were in favor of postponing the match. He said on Twitter that there is nothing more important than health.

This season in Brazil started on Saturday. The season is lagging three months behind due to coronavirus. According to the new protocol set by the CBF, every player needs to be examined 72 hours before the match.

In Brazil, more than three million people have been infected with the corona virus, while the number of people who died from it has exceeded 1 lakh.

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