10 Under-30 Football Players Who Lost Their Lives On Football Ground

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Here are the 10 under-30 football players who died on football ground

Football is arguably the most famous sport in the world. Many people think that football doesn’t cause any life threatening injuries but this is not true. There are more than a decade players who died during a football match or some days after because of serious injuries.

This article will tell you about the 10 under-30 football players who lost their lives on football ground. Can you how did Frank Levick die and at what age?

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Dead Football Players (Cause of Death)

  • William Cropper – Ruptured Bowel
  • James Dunlop – Tetanus
  • John Henry Morris – Internal haemorrhage
  • Walter Bannister – Kidney Rupture
  • Teddy Smith – Severe concussion due to clash of heads
  • James Logan – Pneumonia
  • Joe Powell – Blood poisoning
  • James Collins – Tetanus
  • David “Soldier” Wilson – Heart attack
  • Tommy Blackstock – Head Injury

On 13 January 1889m, 26-year-old William Cropper lost his life due to ruptured bowel in a match against Grimsby Town which led to death the next day.

Three years later on 11 January 1892, James Dunlop died aged 21. He fell on piece of glass in a friendly game against Abercorn, causing Tetanus leading to death ten days later.

Answer to the question above – Pneumonia at 26-year-old

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