11-year-old Indian kid went to Portugal to see Ronaldo

11-year-old Indian kid went to Portugal to see Ronaldo
11-year-old Indian kid went to Portugal to see Ronaldo
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11-year-old Dhananjay went to Portugal with the desire to see Ronaldo from afar, lived with him for four hours

Cristiano Ronaldo celebrated his 36th birthday on February 5. Many of his fans celebrated this day. One such fanfare is Jhunjhunu’s 11-year-old innocent Dhananjay. Who has made a football shaped cake for them this time.

His obsession with Ronaldo has been since the age of eight and it is such that he reached the mannequin with his father in 2019, wanting to meet him. While leaving, he did not know whether he would meet Ronaldo or not, but luck supported him.

He not only met Ronaldo but also spent four-five hours with him and his team at the hotel and watched their match at the stadium. Dhananjay himself is a footballer and at such a young age he keeps a thorough knowledge of every match, every record of Ronaldo. He has written all these in his diary. His pictures and the cutting of the news printed in newspapers have kept Ronaldo glued to the walls of the house.

Coach asked to be like Ronaldo, since then he watched every match
Dhananjay is a resident of Pachalangi in Jhunjhunu district. Father Vijayshankar Tiwari is a business man. He is currently a Class 6 student at St. Xavier’s School in Jaipur. The family still lives in Jaipur. He is fond of football since childhood. Once the coach asked him to be like Ronaldo.

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At the age of eight, he saw Ronaldo’s superb cycle-kick in a match, and since then he became obsessed with Ronaldo. Every year on February 5, he celebrates Ronaldo’s birthday by cutting the cake with friends and family. This year he has made a football shaped cake and has also organized a football tournament with friends.

Remembrance meeting to Ronaldo: We had a back seat in the stadium of their match, they arranged for the front seats

“I am crazy about Ronaldo. On my 10th birthday in 2019, I asked Papa the same thing to somehow introduce Ronaldo. He took me to Portugal. Portugal had a match there. It was nearly uncertain to meet him. Once there, Papa somehow talked to Ronaldo’s manager. I don’t know what happened between them, but they took me in alone. Shortly afterwards I was in front of Ronaldo. The manager told them that this child from India is your fan and wants to meet you.

On hearing the name of India, he said wow, you have come from India. He hugged me. Got a photo taken with him. Then asked who did you come with. I told that my father is with me, but he is standing outside. Upon which Ronaldo also invited him inside. They kept me with them for about four hours. Also introduced other players of the team. While returning, I asked him for autographs for my sister too, then gave me four-five autographs and said to give them to your friends too. I told him that tomorrow I will watch your match at the stadium, so they arranged for us a front seat.

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