5 times Cristiano Ronaldo lost his temper

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5 times Cristiano Ronaldo lost his temper

5 times Cristiano Ronaldo lost his temper and got too angry

Having frustration during the game is natural. Any player could get angry if he misses a scoring chance or gets a fight with any player.

But have you seen Cristiano Ronaldo getting angry on the pitch? Many of you might have seen him frustrated after the game.

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Ronaldo’s frustration is good for him because he always comes with more confidence after a bad game. His passion for winning a game is on another level. He never ants to lose any game.

So here are the 5 times Cristiano Ronaldo lost his temper:

1. Ronaldo’s goal robbery – Back in 2010, Ronaldo was about to score his one of the best goal in his career. But sadly it was robbed by Nani which made Ronaldo so angry that he started fighting with his own teammate.

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2. Conceding against Barcelona – In 2017, Leo Messi scored a super winning goal in El Clasico. This made Ronaldo angry and he blamed his teammates for that and literally cried after the game.

3. First UCL red card – In 2019, Ronaldo got his first ever red card in UEFA Champions League history. It was a game against Juventus when he was given a red card after a non-intentional foul. He cried a lot. So much that Juve’s players had to stop him from crying.

4. Angry on the reporter – Ronaldo threw the mic of a reporter into the lake when he asked about his preparations of the next match of Euros against Hungary.

5. Pushed Pep – Barca’s former manager Pep Guardiola tried to waste few precious seconds of the game against Madrid. Ronaldo pushed Pep by his right hand.

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