AI Predicts The “2042 Look Of Ronaldo And Messi”

Messi And Ronaldo
Messi And Ronaldo
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AI has predicted what Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi will look like in 2042.

While the results are intriguing, they make us feel old. An AI artist forecasted what Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi will look like in 2042, and while the results are fascinating, they make us feel old.

The footballing legends have been fighting for 15 years to determine who is the greatest of all time, with Luka Modric the lone player to end their 10-year reign as Ballon d’Or winners in 2018.

The pair are still tearing it up in the Saudi Pro League and the MLS, and you get the impression they might go on forever if their bodies let them.

However, time catches up with us all. Ronaldo turned 38 in February, whereas Messi is 36 at the moment.

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We can’t picture a world without Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi playing football. Retirement does not necessarily mean the end of their engagement in the sport, but it does mark the end of a spectacular chapter in its history.

What if they chose to return as executives? During an interview in 2019, Ronaldo hinted about taking on a coaching job. ICON quoted him as saying, “I’m not ruling it out.”

Messi’s ambitions for life after football, on the other hand, are unknown. He has, however, expressed an interest in becoming a sports director.

Ronaldo will be 56 years old in 2042. Messi will be 54 years old. But, according to AI, they don’t seem that bad.

Messi appears to have shed his beard for good, and both men’s hair has begun to grey. At that age, it was only natural.

The outfits they’re both wearing are… intriguing. Ronaldo’s gear is better suited to Messi, and vice versa. Can’t we all picture Ronaldo in a black shirt with the collar popped?

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