Bruno Fernandes vs Casemiro – All Stats You Need To Know

Bruno Fernandes vs Casemiro
Bruno Fernandes vs Casemiro
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Here is a stat comparison between Bruno Fernandes and Casemiro

There is no doubt that Bruno Fernandes and Casemiro two are one of the best midfielders in the world at present and one must not take these comparisons so seriously.

This article will tell you about a stat comparison between Bruno Fernandes and Casemiro. Can you guess who has made more appearances for his national team?

Detailed Stats (Bruno/Casemiro)

Club Career

  • Appearances – 412/439
  • Goals – 135/41
  • Assists – 107/39
  • Minutes per goal – 229/799

UEFA Champions League

  • Appearances – 17/76
  • Goals – 5/7
  • Assists – 8/5
  • Minutes per goal – 268/865

National Team

  • Appearances – 40/60
  • Goals – 6/5
  • Assists – 7/2
  • Minutes Played – 2356/4374

Awards & Achievements

Bruno Fernandes

  • Footballer of The Year x2
  • Europa League top scorer x1 (2019/20)
  • Manchester United Player of The Year x1
  • Taça de Portugal x1
  • Taça da Liga x2
  • UEFA Nations League x1
Bruno Fernandes
Bruno Fernandes


  • Copa America x1
  • UEFA Champions League x4
  • La Liga x2
  • Supercopa de España x3
  • Copa Del Rey x1
  • Copa Sudamericana x1
  • FIFA Under-20 World Cup x1
  • UEFA Super Cup x3

Bruno Fernandes is more of an attacking-midfielder, so comparing him to the Brazilian is quite a matter of common sense. However, Casemiro has given more titles to Real Madrid than what the Portuguese won in his whole career.

Manchester Untied legend Paul Scholes thinks that Bruno Fernandes is a burden on the club. He claimed that Bruno could be a ‘problem’ if he can’t settle on a position rather than marauding around the entire pitch.

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He told BT Sport: “I think Fernandes could be a bit of a problem. As much as he’s a talented lad, when he first came to England, he scored so many good goals, so many assists, but he’s all over the football pitch.

“A coach will tell you better there from a defensive point of view. How can you set up a shape when you’ve no idea where the start of it?

“Ronaldo is the start; then it’s Fernandes – how can you set traps for teams when you don’t know where some of your players are gonna be?

Answer to the question above – Casemiro

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