Casemiro vs Angel Di Maria – All Stats You Need To Know

Casemiro vs Angel Di Maria
Casemiro vs Angel Di Maria
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Here is a stat comparison between Casemiro and Angel Di Maria

There is no doubt these are two of the best midfielders of this generation and one must not take these comparisons so seriously.

This article will tell you about a stat comparison between Casemiro and Angel Di Maria. Can you guess who has made more appearances for his national team?

Detailed Stats (Casemiro/Di Maria)

League Cup

  • Appearances – 443/664
  • Goals – 41/152
  • Assists – 39/240
  • Minutes per goal – 807/295

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UEFA Champions League

  • Appearances – 77/97
  • Goals – 7/22
  • Assists – 5/35
  • Minutes per goal -878 /310

National Team

  • Appearances – 60/120
  • Goals -5 /23
  • Assists – 2/23
  • Minutes Played – 2691/8303

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Casemiro has contributed his best to Real Madrid and has won a number of trophies with them, not to mention four UEFA Champions League titles.

On the other side, Angel Di Maria has gave his best to whichever team he went to in his career and won them a many trophies.

Talking about the football world, Marcus Rashford is considering his future at Manchester United. Ralf Rangnick however has showed his intend to work with the Englishman to help him realise his full potential.

“With Marcus Rashford, we have another player who I will insist and continuously be behind him and with him, to develop him,” Rangnick said. ‘We have achieved that with quite a few other young players in the past and I don’t see why this should not happen with Marcus.

“He’s got abundant talent, he’s got the pace, he’s got the physicality, he’s got everything that you need for a modern striker, no matter if he’s playing from the wing or in the centre.

“I will put all my energy into that, to help him to take the same pathway that other players did in the last three months.”

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