Casillas and Kroos reacted to Ronaldo’s 750th career goal

Cristiano Ronaldo reached 500 million followers on social media
Cristiano Ronaldo
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Cristiano Ronaldo scored his 750th career goal recently to which Iker Casillas and Toni Kroos reacted

Two days ago, Cristiano Ronaldo scored his 750th career goal against KYIV Dynamo in UEFA Champions League. He is now only 18 goals away of Pele from becoming the highest professional goal scorer in football history.

After Ronaldo’s tweet on his 750th career goal, his former teammates Iker Casillas and Toni Kroos retweeted and showed their opinions on it.

“??? goals, ??? happy moments, ??? smiles in the faces of our supporters. Thank you to all the players and coaches that helped me reach this amazing number, thank you to all my loyal opponents that made me work harder and harder everyday”, Ronaldo tweeted.

To which Casillas retweeted, “Only 750? You can do better!!”. Casillas and Ronaldo are good friends. Therefore, Casillas is expecting more goals from Ronaldo.

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Toni Kroos also retweeted and said, “Not bad sir. Not bad”. This was a classy move from Kroos as he appreciated one of his best friend on and off the pitch.

Both Casillas and Kroos are Ronaldo’s former Real Madrid teammates. Ronaldo has played for 8 years with both of them.

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