City expulse Watfurd to win the FA Cup Final

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Man City destruct Watford 6-0 at Wembley to win their 5th FA cup (The Emirates FA Cup) title and complete their unbelievable domestic tour. The Premier League giants starts scoring continuously after their strikers Raheem Sterling, Gabriel Jesus and David Silva make their position in the game along which their world class mid-fielder Kevin De Bruyne took the crown of leading them from front.

The history of 1903 was repeated which follows the all time record in a FA cup final, an equal margin win of 6-0 set by Bury against Derby County at Crystal Palace.

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The Watford boys were playing single handedly with Roberto Pereyra as he maintains the game till 25’ and then the first goal for City scored by Silva in 26’. From then, City never looked back.

The opportunities were made by Watford as well but City’s keeper Ederson makes the stunning saves. Both sides played well but City dominating over Watford. This game was full of excitements  and troubles. But in the end, only one can be the King.

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So, City demolish their rivals by a huge lead and make the FA cup

their. Congratulations to Man City!!

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