Confirmed: Bale to no longer stay at Real Madrid

Gareth Bale's Incredible Journey In Football
Gareth Bale's Incredible Journey In Football

Sports Desk – The Welsh player Gareth Bale confirmed that he will no longer stay at RMA after a disappointing season.


Gareth Bale was brought to RMA for €90 million from Tottenham Hotspur for a six-year contract. With Cristiano Ronaldo being as a part of the team till 2018, Bale was happy at his club. But after the arrival of Ronaldo, the team could not make their own luck as they continuously lost the matches.

The team has a disappointing season in La Liga as well as the UEFA Champions League. Bale was not given much chances by Zidane to show his talent and skills. Even in the last match for Bale against Real Betis, he sitted on the bench and said goodbye to his RMA fans. Unfortunately, the team lost to Betis by 2-0. As he has a disappointing season, Zidane thinks to get rid of him and finally decided that Bale will no longer play with his club next season. Not only Bale, but the whole team with and without him looks to move away from its victory.

This can be seen with the idea that Ronaldo was the soul of Real Madrid and after his arrival, the team could not meet its basic requirements.

Many teams like Manchester United, Spurs and PSG are interested in signing this superstar player. Gareth Bale is an immortal and he can do whatever on the field he wants to.