Copa America 2021: Full schedule, format, date and live stream

Copa America 2021: Full schedule, format, date and live stream

The long-awaited Copa America 2021 to be held in Argentina and Colombia is going to start from 13th June. The tournament was postponed a year ago due to an outbreak of COVID-19. It will be the 47th edition of the tournament that brings South American countries together since 1916, the oldest national team football competition in history.

Copa America 2021 Format

For the first time, the tournament will be held in two different countries (Argentina and Colombia).

Copa America 2021 Teams and Groups

Group A:

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  • Colombia
  • Brazil
  • Venezuela
  • Ecuador
  • Peru

Group B :

  • Argentina
  • Bolivia
  • Uruguay
  • Chile
  • Paraguay

Copa America 2021 Full schedule

DateMatchVenueTime – IST
Monday, June 14thBrazil vs VenezuelaMane Garrincha2:30 AM
Monday, June 14thColombia vs EcuadorArena Pantanal5:30 AM
Tuesday, June 15thArgentina vs ChileNilton Santos2:30 AM
Tuesday, June 15thParaguay vs BoliviaOlimpico5:30 AM
Friday, June 18thColombia vs VenezuelaOlimpico2:30 AM
Friday, June 18thPeru vs BrazilNilton Santos5:30 AM
Saturday, June 19thChile vs BoliviaArena Pantanal2:30 AM
Saturday, June 19thArgentina vs UruguayMane Garrincha5:30 AM
Monday, June 21stVenezuela vs EcuadorNilton Santos2:30 AM
Monday, June 21stColombia vs PeruOlimpico5:30 AM
Tuesday, June 22ndUruguay vs ChileArena Pantanal2:30 AM
Tuesday, June 22ndArgentina vs ParaguayMane Garrincha5:30 AM
Thursday, June 24thEcuador vs PeruOlimpico2:30 AM
Thursday, June 24thColombia vs BrazilNilton Santos5:30 AM
Friday, June 25thBolivia vs UruguayArena Pantanal2:30 AM
Friday, June 25thChile vs ParaguayMane Garrincha5:30 AM
Monday, June 28thBrazil vs EcuadorOlimpico2:30 AM
Monday, June 28thVenezuela vs PeruMane Garrincha2:30 AM
Tuesday, June 29thUruguay vs ParaguayNilton Santos5:30 AM
Tuesday, June 29thBolivia vs ArgentinaArena Pantanal5:30 AM

Copa America 2021 Quarter-finals

DateMatchVenueTime – IST
Saturday, July 3Peru vs ParaguayOlimpico2:30 AM
Saturday, July 3Brazil vs ChileNilton Santos5:30 AM
Sunday, July 4Uruguay vs ColombiaMane Garrincha3:30 AM
Sunday, July 4Argentina vs EcuadorOlimpico6:30 AM

Copa America 2021 Semi-finals

DateMatchVenueTime – IST
Tuesday, July 6WQF1 vs WQF2Nilton Santos4:30 AM
Wednesday, July 7WQF3 vs WQF4Mane Garrincha6:30 AM

Third and fourth place

  • Saturday, July 10th – LSF2 vs LSF1, Mane Garrincha (5:30 IST)

Copa America 2021 Final

  • Sunday, July 11th – (5:30 IST)
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