Cristiano Ronaldo returns to Manchester United

Cristiano Ronaldo returns to Manchester United
Cristiano Ronaldo and Wayne Rooney

Manchester United just gave us the greatest comeback report in football history

Juventus manager Max Allegri has confirmed the news about his departure from Turin. He admitted that Ronaldo’s future is in his hands and he isn’t against his decision.

“Yesterday, talking to Cristiano, he told me that he has no intention of staying at Juventus,” Allegri told a press conference.

“For this reason he will not be called up for tomorrow’s game [against Empoli in Serie A].

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“Things change, it’s a law of life. Juventus remains, which is the most important thing. Cristiano gave his contribution, he made himself available, now he leaves and life goes on.

“Cristiano is to be thanked for what he has done, also as an example amongst the youngsters, but as I said, we must go on.”

Manchester United fans are very happy with their board as the management have signed the 36-year old striker for 20 million euros.

Sir Alex Ferguson has played a huge role in Ronaldo’s return to the Old Trafford. He was the first one who called Ronaldo privately and convinced him to join his club.

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Fans are expressing their feelings through social media, asking United to announce their legend as soon as possible.

This transfer window is the greatest ever in history and its not even close. Who could have believed Messi would leave Barcelona for free?