Cristiano Ronaldo vs Neymar – All Stats You Need To Know

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Cristiano Ronaldo vs Neymar

Everyone love to see watch football games, without these two legendary player football is incomplete. Not only Ronaldo and Neymar famous for their statistics but also renowned their magical skill and capabilities to attract whole world.

Domestic Career

Ronaldo played 91 football matches and scored 51 goals with 13 Assists whereas Neymar played 37 domestic football matches got 26 goals with 12 Assist.

National Tournaments

Cristiano was played 595 matches and grab 466 goals with 162 Assists and got 67 yellow cards. Whereas Neymar played 97 matches and grab 175 goals with 108 Assists and gain 68 Yellow cards.

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Cristiano Ronaldo

International Tournaments

Ronaldo was played 190 international appearance for Portugal and got 144 goals whereas Brazilian Superstar played 97 international matches and got 57 goals for Brazil.

Neymar al-hilal
Neymar al-hilal

Club Record

Neymar played 148 game for Barcelona and grab 93 goals. When he joined PSG in 2017 from Barcelona as he scored 122 goals with 154 games. In 2023 he joined Al- hilal played five matches till now.

Other side Ronaldo has played 196 games and grab 204 goals for real madrid. For Juventus he played 138 games and 103 goals. For Man United he played 53 apperance and did 28 goals with 5 apperance.

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