This footballer’s girlfriend was naked and threatened with weapons in house robbery

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This footballer's girlfriend was naked and threatened with weapons in the house robbery

Sports Desk – England’s famous footballer Demarai Gray is named among the best midfielders in the football world. However, last year, the footballer’s partner, Emma Hickman, had fallen victim to an accident. The police arrested four people in this case.

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Hearing what Ema Hickman told during the court hearing on Monday i.e. 25 November 2019, the ground of the footballer’s fans can be slipped. In fact, Emma Hickman was attacked by some dacoits. The incident occurred in March last year with girlfriend Leah City and England under-21 team midfielder Emma Hickman, who was lying in bed with her six-week-old baby at home during the day.

The 22-year-old said she was ‘absolutely petrified’ as she gave evidence at Birmingham Crown Court. Balaclava-wearing robbers burst into the house in Barnt Green, West Midlands, The Sun reports. They made off with £24,000 in money and jewellery after the raid in March last year.

He told, “I was sleeping when some people entered my bedroom. I had no idea until I saw a man with a knife. I had no clothes on and I stayed under the covers.”. The most chilling part of the story, however, is that all men were armed. “One of them had an orange machete, which looked like a sword”, narrated the footballer’s girlfriend.

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Hickman, who says it was “completely petrified” at the time, he was able to obey the orders of the criminals despite the shock: “They told me not to move and asked me ‘where were the money and the jewels.'” The thieves also took a Rolex watch that they saw on the nightstand, waiting for the woman that her boyfriend “could buy her another.”

Police told the court that the four criminals have been arrested. Police claim that all four are members of a large gang. They target big houses and shops.

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