Fans are mocking Arsenal’s new kit as it reminds them of a ‘bottle’

Fans are mocking Arsenal's new kit as it reminds them of a 'bottle'

Regarding the purported Arsenal home uniform for the upcoming campaign, supporters are voicing the same concerns.

What Football Headlines claims to be Arsenal’s home uniform for the upcoming season has leaked.

The purported Adidas 2024–2025 home jersey features white sleeves and a blue side label in addition to the team’s traditional red body color.

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Additionally, followers on social media have pointed out immediately that the design resembles a bottle’s silhouette.

One person on social media said: “The red part looks like a bottle, Adidas knows.”

A second said: “Adidas made a bottle for Arsenal to continue the legacy.”

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A third added: “Love the bottle design in the middle…”

Following their 2-0 loss to Aston Villa on Sunday, Arsenal was accused of “bottling” their hopes of winning the Premier League title and giving the lead to the defending champions, Manchester City.

On Wednesday, Mikel Arteta’s team was also ousted from the Champions League in the quarterfinal round after falling 1-0 and 3-2 overall to Bayern Munich in Bavaria.

Arteta has maintained that his team is still focused on winning the Premier League for the first time in twenty years, despite the poor week.

“I’m fully focused on the times that we have ahead of us with six games to go,” Mikel said in his pre-match press conference on Friday. “We are a game behind City and we’re going to give it a real go.

“The context is clear. If we win we are top of the league. That’s the context, we don’t need anything else to be motivated or to go to that game with our minds clear and our purpose very, very clear.”

After a difficult week, Arteta was questioned about the message he had given his team. He added: “Fully behind them, thank you so much for the journey we are having together, thank you so much for being in April, the quarter-final of the Champions League and being so close, competing against the best team in the history of the Premier League and the best team in the last eight years in this competition with Liverpool and to be there with a chance to win it.

“So thank you so much for everything they have done because it’s unbelievable.”