FIFA World Cup ‘Consecutive’ Records Held By Teams

FIFA World Cup
FIFA World Cup
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Here are the records of FIFA World Cup you need to know

FIFA is considering increasing the full time of a match from 90 minutes to 100 minutes for the upcoming tournament. All these talks are rumoured in order to make up for the loss of time when the ball is not in play.

This article will tell you about the FIFA World Cup records.

FIFA World Cup Records

  • Most consecutive championships – 2 (Italy and Brazil)
  • Most consecutive finishes in top two – 3 (Germany and Brazil)
  • Most consecutive finishes in top three – 4 (Germany)
  • Most consecutive finishes in top four – 4 (Germany)
  • Most consecutive finishes in top eight – 16 (Germany)
  • Most consecutive finishes in top 16 – 21 (Brazil)
  • Most consecutive finals tournament – 21 (Brazil)
  • Most consecutive second place finishes – 2 (Netherlands and Germany)
  • Most consecutive third place finishes – 2 (Germany)
  • Most consecutive fourth place finishes – No country has finished 4th in two consecutive tournaments
  • Most consecutive 3rd-4th place finishes – 2 (Sweden, Brazil, France and Germany)
  • Most consecutive 5th-8th place finishes – 4 (Switzerland)
  • Most consecutive 9th-16th place finishes – 7 (Mexico)
  • Most consecutive 17th-32nd place finishes – 4 (South Korea)

Italy and Brazil are the only two nations to have won the FIFA World Cup titles two times in a row. However, Germany holds the record for most consecutive finishes in top two.

Manchester City defeated Atletico Madrid 1-0 in UEFA Champions League round-of-16. In this process, the visitors set a record for not having a single shot on target in the whole 90 minutes of the game.

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All the 11 players of the Spanish club were seen defending in the box. In a pre-match interview, Diego Simeone said:

“I have never been able to have the chance to have Xavi, Busquets, Piqué, Iniesta, Messi… Beyond Guardiola’s great talent, he was lucky to always be accompanied by extraordinary players.”

According to Transfermarkt, Simeone has spent €1.05 billion during his time at Atletico while also being forced to sell several star players.

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