FIFA World Ranking 2021

2022 FIFA World Cup
2022 FIFA World Cup

These are the FIFA World Ranking in 2021

Its about a year left in the 2022 Qatar FIFA World Cup. Big teams have already qualified for it and some countries are still struggling for their World Cup qualification.

FIFA releases World Rankings for 2021:

  1. Belgium
  2. France
  3. Brazil
  4. England
  5. Portugal
  6. Spain
  7. Italy
  8. Argentina
  9. Uruguay
  10. Denmark

Are you still surprised not too see Germany in top 10? Even being four times world champions (they last won the 2014 FWC), Germany is not in the top 10. However, they have ranked up to 12th spot in world rankings.

Germany recently lost to North Macedonia 1-2. A gentle remainder that Toni Kroos and Marco Reus were not in the starting XI. They were even not in substitutes! Isn’t it surprising?

Talking about the European qualifiers, every European team in this top 10 is at the top of the table of their group. For instance, Belgium is at top in Group E.

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The top 5 includes 4 European teams and a South American team. The last 5 also includes 4 European teams and a South American team.

This means that only 2 non-European teams, Brazil and Argentina, are in the FIFA World Ranking. Do you know which teams have ranked up and which slipped down?

The top 6 teams have neither ranked up nor ranked down. They have just maintained their position. However, Italy and Denmark have ranked up while Argentina and Uruguay have lost their upper positions.

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