FIFA World Ranking – As Of February 2022

FIFA World Ranking
FIFA World Ranking

Here are the FIFA world rankings as of February 2022

Which is the best national team in the world at present, according to FIFA? We gathered some information from Transfermarkt for some of the best national teams in the world, that is, their current performing stats.

This article will tell you about the top 10 national teams in the world ranked by FIFA, as of February. Can you guess who won the 2021 FIFA POTY award? (Hint – He is a Polish legend)

FIFA World Ranking

  1. Belgium – 1828
  2. Brazil – 1823
  3. France – 1786
  4. Argentina – 1766
  5. England – 1756
  6. Italy – 1741
  7. Spain – 1705
  8. Portugal – 1660
  9. Denmark – 1655
  10. Netherlands – 1654

Let us remind you that Italy lifted the 2020 UEFA Euro trophy in 2021 (Had to be Postpond due to COVID-19). They were way behind Portugal but managed to get to number 6 on the world-ranking points table.

On the other side, Argentina lifted the 2021 Copa America trophy which was also the first international title for Lionel Messi.

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In a recent incident, Deulofeu – who played alongside Messi during his time at the Camp Nou said that the 34-year-old is ‘NO GOAT’ for him. Instead, he consider Brazilian legend Ronaldinho as his greatest player in football history.

“For me, Ronaldinho is the best player ever,” Deulofeu told Marca in 2020.

“I met him. I went to watch a game at the Camp Nou and he was sitting next to me. It was a wonderful experience.”

Messi himself insisted that Ronaldinho made a huge impact at the Camp Nou after his arrival in 2003.

“Ronaldinho was responsible for the change in Barca. It was a bad time and the change that came about with his arrival was amazing,” Messi said.

“In the first year, he didn’t win anything but people fell in love with him.

“Then the trophies started coming and he made all those people happy. Barca should always be grateful for everything he did.”

Answer to the question above – Robert Lewandowski