Flood light ramp falls on 38-year-old groundman, death

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Flood light ramp falls on 38-year-old groundman, death

A 38 year old groundman died when a flood light ramp fell over him

The city’s Mayor, Frébais Lohar, was also present at the stadium at the time of the accident. He said, “This is a terrible accident.” Two other groundkeepers were shocked to see the accident. They also fainted and were taken to the hospital.

A terrible incident occurred on the ground of a French football team on Sunday night. A groundman died in that accident. The accident occurred shortly after the match between FC Lorient and Rennes at the Stade du Moustoir in the northwest of France. In the match, Raines defeated Lorient 3–0. Just after the team’s players got out of the field completely, the floodlight fixing ramp (electric ladder), which would have been several tons in weight, fell on a 38-year-old groundman. He was immediately rushed to the hospital, but did not survived.

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According to Get Football News France (getfootballnewsfrance), the groundman was screaming. Alarms were ringing. A team of emergency service members was present at the scene. Players and board members of both clubs rushed out of the dressing room towards the ground. According to the report by Ouest-France, people associated with emergency services immediately took the groundman to the hospital from the stadium. However, Groundman’s condition was much more serious. H was bleeding and had too many injuries. Because of this he could not be saved. Groundman was the father of three children.