Florentino Perez To Revive European Super League After Making Some Changes In Criteria

European Super Cup - A disgrace to football
European Super Cup
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There are talks underway to revive European Super League

A few months ago, European Super League was in trend with most of the fans against it. This was because of the discrimination which was going to happen between the rich and poor clubs.

UEFA and FIFA came with a solution to stop the Super Cup. They said that the players participating in the Super Cup will be banned from playing in FFA Club World Cup and international duties.

On 21st April, ESL was suspended and football restored its power. The announcement came when all the top six Premier League clubs resigned from the ESL.

However, Florentino Perez is trying to revive the league, but with radical new changes this time. It will follow a similar qualifying criteria as UEFA Champions League.

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According to The Athletic, ESL could follow a much bigger competition structure. The revised-criteria says:

  • The original top tier ‘Super League’ of 20 teams, with two 20-team feeder leagues will immediately sit below it.
  • There will a third tier involving four more leagues of 20 teams. That means an astonishing total of 140 clubs would be included.
  • A smaller team may only play six group stage matches before seeing their European adventure come to an end – should they finish bottom of the group.

As we all know – Juventus, Real Madrid, and Barcelona were the only clubs that stood against UEFA’s warning. And now the league is going to be restored by these three of the most powerful clubs in Europe.

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