Football is saved, European Super League suspended

By Raghu
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Football is saved, European Super League suspended

European Super League is saved after all six PL club exits

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A few days ago, European Super League was in trend with most of the fans against it. This was because of the discrimination which was going to happen between the rich and poor clubs.

However, on 21st April, ESL was suspended and football restored its power. The announcement came when all the top six Premier League clubs resigned from the ESL.

Arsenal, Chelsea, Liverpool, Manchester City, Manchester United and Tottenham, all resigned from the ESL. A special thanks to Jordan Henderson and Petr Cech.

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Rest 6 clubs – Juventus, AC Milan, Inter Milan, Barcelona, Real Madrid and Atletico Madrid, didn’t respond to the PL club exits.

Before, there were 12 founding clubs. After all six PL clubs exit, Florentino Perez couldn’t able to resist the pressure and suspended the league.

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Perez has become a villain in fans’ eyes. He is the one who proposed the idea of ESL, therefore, is the first chairman of the suspended league.

Fans really did it! We all saved football.