Highest Value Squad Per Year – Since 2013

football clubs
football clubs
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Here are the highest valuable squads per year, as of since 2013

Which club had the most valuable squad in the last decade? We gathered some information from Transfermarkt for some of the best clubs in the world, that is, their all-time market value stats.

This article will tell you about the most valuable squad per year (since 2013).

Most Valuable Squads

  1. 2013: Barcelona – €0.66bn
  2. 2014: Real Madrid – €0.69bn
  3. 2015: Real Madrid – €0.74bn
  4. 2016: Real Madrid – €0.78bn
  5. 2017: Real Madrid – €0.82bn
  6. 2018: Barcelona – €.123bn
  7. 2019: Manchester City – €1.29bn
  8. 2020: Manchester City – €1.30bn
  9. 2021: Liverpool – €1.12bn
  10. 2022: Manchester City – €1.04bn

With a total squad price of €1.29 billion, Manchester City was the most valuable club of the last decade. They were left behind by Liverpool in 2021 but have again became the most valuable club in the world.

Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo both were one of the most valuable players in their prime. They both were worth €120 million in two straight years and hence were the biggest reasons for their respective club’s market value.

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Neymar is still the most valuable player to have ever signed by a club. He was signed for €200 million by PSG in 2017-18 season but the club still failed to tag its name in the list shown above.

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Liverpool boos Jurgen Kloop recently revealed the reason for why he would never wear a suit in a cup final.

“I am not overly superstitious,” said Klopp. “I will not wear a suit but not because I am superstitious.

“I am pretty sure that someone told me before the League Cup final that I needed to wear a suit.

“With the Champions League in 2013, honestly, it is really silly but someone told me that it was expected to wear a suit on the touchline and then when I saw the first coach next to me without a suit I thought ‘are you kidding me?!!!’. That was the moment I stopped it.

“No, I will not wear a suit for a football game unless it is a rule. It is not a problem. I don’t go as a tramp to a wedding or whatever. There are things you have to wear, but if I have a free choice (I won’t).”

The Reds Boss adds: “If I look back on the pictures after the Champions League final (in 2019) and how I look and the pictures after we became champions and how I look there, I couldn’t care less.

“So I look completely outraged, hat there, cap over there, bad shave, that is really not cool to be honest. It is not that I want to look like that, but it just happened.

“I cannot think around the game about how I look. I can’t. I tried really hard and I never feel comfortable.

“For me, somebody has to put the things by my place in the dressing room and I just go in and from there we go. I could stand there in swim shorts as long as we win people will be happy.

“If we don’t win, it will be a big story. If we win it no-one will talk about it. I will not wear swim shorts, though! That will not happen.”

Liverpool will face Chelsea in the EFL Cup final (Carabao Cup) on Sunday. This will be Klopp’s seventh competitive game at Wembley.

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