Jose Mourinho strikes back to Ozil’s statement

Jose Mourinho strikes back to Ozil's statement
Jose Mourinho strikes back to Ozil's statement
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Jose Mourinho hits back with a savage reply to Mesut Ozil

Tottenham’s manager Jose Mourinho is as savage as he is on the ground. He gave a stunning reply to Mesut Ozil’s tweet recently.

On Tuesday, an Arsenal supporter asked Mesut Ozil whether he would play for Tottenham or would retire.

“Now that your contract is nearing the end with Arsenal, If you only had one contract offer and that was from Tottenham….

“Would you rather retire or sign for Tottenham…?”

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Ozil’s answer? He said he would ‘retire’. He answered, tweeting: “Easy question. Retire!”

In reply, the Portuguese manager said that Tottenham is not interested in signing him.

Mourinho replied, saying: “Who told him that Tottenham would be interested in signing him?”

The reply was somewhat disrespectful but Ozil got his answer.

Ozil is considered one of the best mid-fielder in the world. Ozil was so amazing at Rea Madrid and under Arsene Wenger’s Arsenal too, Ozil was in his prime form.

Now rumors are spreading that Ozil is going to join Turkish club Fenerbahce. Fenerbahce fans are so excited to see Ozil in their team squad.

In a statement, Ozil said that if he has to leave Arsenal, he would either go to USA or play for Fenerbahce. “f I went to Turkey, I could only go to Fenerbahce.” he said.

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