Lionel Messi’s impact on this Ligue 1 rule

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Lionel Messi's impact on this Ligue1 rule

Lionel Messi’s impact on this Ligue1 rule

Ligue 1 is ready to make a change to one of the rules just for Lionel Messi. Messi has left his beloved club Barcelona and is reportedly to arrive in Paris in next 48 hours.

The 34 year old looks set to join the French club on an initial two-year contract. He will reportedly earn €25 million-a-year.

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According to rumors, Messi would be wearing the No.19 shirt at PSG. He respectfully rejected the offer of his former teammate Neymar to assume the No.10 he currently wears.

However, MARCA reported that PSG have offered Messi the No.30 shirt and is “likely to be chosen” by the six-time Ballon d’Or winner.

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Messi made his debut with number 30 on his back for Barcelona. He switched to No.19 in 2006 and then went up on wearing the number 10 after Ronaldinho departed two years later.

Talking about the Ligue One rule, the No.30 must be reserved for goalkeepers. But the league said there will be no issue in offering that to arguably the greatest player in football history.

“The numbers 1, 16 and 30 are exclusively and necessarily reserved for goalkeepers,” the LFP rule #670 states.

“Ultimately, the number 40 can be assigned. All teams must have a jersey with number 33 that is not assigned to a player and reserved for breaking replacements. A directory is established early in the season and available to referees and delegates by the LFP.”

Many fans have urged Barcelona to retire the No.10 shirt in honor of Messi.