5 times Leo Messi lost his temper

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5 times Leo Messi lost his temper

5 times Cristiano Ronaldo lost his temper and got too angry

Having frustration during the game is natural. Any player could get angry if he misses a scoring chance or gets a fight with any player.

But have you seen Leo Messi getting angry on the pitch? Many of you might have seen him frustrated after the game.

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Messi’s frustration is not same as Ronaldo’s because both have a bit different types of mindset. Messi possess a high pressure game, means more possession.

5 times Leo Messi lost his temper:

1. Headbutts Shakhtar player – Leo Messi got frustrated when he missed a chance of scoring against Shakhtar in UEFA Supercup. He headbutts Shakhtar’s right-back Darijo Srna on his head.

2. Spits on opponent player – In a match between Barca and Malaga in 2008, Messi spitted on Malaga’s left winger Duda after getting frustrated.

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3. Held Roma player’s neck – In a friendly match between Barca and Roma, Messi held the neck of Roma’s center back Yanga Mbiwa after a verbal communication between them.

4. Clashed with Chile’s player – During a Copa America match between Argentina and Chile, Messi clashed with Chile’s defender angrily. He got his second red card in Argentina colors.

5. Slapped Atletico Bilbao’s striker – Leo Messi committed a foul on Bilbao’s player Asier Villalibre. Villalibre fell on the ground after Messi slapped him on his face in the injury time.

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There was another incident in which Messi punched Celta Vigo’s defensive mid-fielder Jonathan Villa in 2012.

Messi remains so calm on the pitch during a game but sometimes certain conditions can make any player frustrated.

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