5 times Sergio Ramos lost his temper

5 times Sergio Ramos lost his temper
5 times Sergio Ramos lost his temper
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5 times Sergio Ramos showed his anger and lost his temper

Ramos was injured in the first leg of UEFA Champions League quarter final against Liverpool but still Madrid managed to win the match 3-1.

Though he is one of the most controversial player on the pitch but sometimes he gets too much frustrated and angry.

5 times Sergio Ramos lost his temper:

1. Huelva, 2008 – Ramos took Huelva player on the pitch after he jumped over him with both of his hands. He got a straight red card of this foul and after that, he started fighting the referee over this.

2. Barcelona, 2010 – This red card came in El Clasico when Ramos tacked Messi badly. After the red card, he started arguing and fighting with Barca players. He even punched his national teammate Carles Puyol.

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3. Villareal, 2012 – After an intentional kick on Villareal player Nilmar in order to tackle him, Ramos got a straight red. As always, he started fighting with the referee.

4. Barcelona, 2017 – In order to tackle Messi (not confirmed if it was intentional or not), Ramos got a straight red. He and Messi then had a battle of argument.

5. Atletico Bilbao, 2017 – Ramos and Aduriz jumped together in order to take the ball but Ramos punched him with his elbow. He got a straight red for this and even clashed with the fallen guy Aduriz.

These are not the only incidents but there are so many others where he could be seen fighting with match officials and opponent players alone.

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Ramos is La Liga’s most controversial player in history. He is also the most red card given player in history.

Though he is one of the most badass player but he is also one of the greatest defenders in football history.

He is currently the best defender in the world in our opinion. He has won so many different trophies including UCL, FIFA World Cup and FIFA Club World Cup.

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