Manchester City owner Sheikh Mansour to pay for fans’ trip

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man city
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Manchester City owner Sheikh Mansour will pay for fans’ trip for UEFA Champions League final

When it comes to fans, Manchester City’s owner Sheikh Mansour is a very kind person. Recently, he said that he will cover the costs of official fans’ trip to Champions League final in Porto.

However, a combined of 6000 Man City and Chelsea fans are allowed to travel to Portugal.

Mansour said: “Pep and the team have had such a remarkable season and their reaching the Champions League Final after a very challenging year represents a truly historic moment for the Club.

“It is therefore incredibly important that as many fans as possible have the opportunity to attend this special game. Especially those who have supported Manchester City through good and bad times for so many years.”

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The final was scheduled to happen in Turkey but was later changed due to COVID-19 situations in both UK and Istanbul.

UEFA talked with the UK government but there considerably stick with a rule of quarantining 2,000 staff, sponsors, VIPs and foreign media.

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Man City will face Chelsea in the UCL final on 29th May. Man City will try to win their first ever UCL trophy while Chelsea will look to lift it for the first time since 2012.

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