Messi’s Wax statue unveiled

Messi's Wax statue unveiled

Lionel Messi’s wax statue has been unveiled at Barcelona’s wax museum

Recently, Lionel Messi’s wax statue is unveiled and it’s details are so good to see. Messi is now immortal for Barcelona fans because of his personalized wax statue.

According to El Periodico, the museum was renovated recently for €6 million and is offering a unique experience with more than 120 statues.

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Barcelona’s legend and captain’s wax statue is designed by Toni Cruz, who says that it will be one of the museum’s most popular and special attraction.

This means that Messi has taken his place alongside with famous historical personalities which include musicians, cooks and cinema superstars with a little taste of sportsmen and sportswomen.

However, this is not the only statue of Messi that exists. The Argentine has many statues with the one standing in Argentina’s capital, Buenos Aires. The bronze statue had been targeted by the vandals two times. It was chopped off just above the ankles, with the main “body” left lying on the pavement.

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