Most Valuable Squads In The World Cup Playoffs

2022 FIFA World Cup Draws Announced
2022 FIFA World Cup Draws Announced

Here are the most valuable squads playing in World Cup playoffs

There are some big surprising names that are going to struggle to qualify for the 2022 FIFA World Cup. The champions of Europe, Italy, is one of the names you would be stunned to hear.

This article will tell you about the most valuable squads playin theWorld Cup qualifiers. Can you guess who is the most expensive player in Poland’s squad?

Most Valuable Squads

  1. Portugal – €775M
  2. Italy – €663.5M
  3. Poland – €293.3M
  4. Turkey – €272.8M
  5. Scotland – €257.5M
  6. Sweden – €202.9M
  7. Ukraine – €187.8M
  8. Russia – €153.3M
  9. Wales – €144M
  10. Austria – €121.7M
  11. Czech Republic – €117.8M
  12. North Macedonia – €49M

Portugal would have already qualified for the World Cup if Cristiano Ronaldo’s goal was given by the referee. Though that was a clear goal, referee didn’t even take a look at the VAR (Video Assistant Referee).

Italy won the 2020 Euros but their goalless draw with Northern Ireland changed their fate. They will now fight to qualify for the tournament to be geld next year in Qatar.

Answer to the question above – Robert Lewandowski