PSG to stop pursuing this Man Utd star who was supposed to fill Kylian Mbappe’s void

Marcus Rashford

Although Marcus Rashford has had a terrible season, he has been strongly linked to a transfer to PSG as they look for a Kylian Mbappe replacement.

PSG has decided not to pursue Marcus Rashford after learning that he would require a £100 million investment.

Rashford has only scored eight goals throughout all competitions, having a miserable season. His play from the previous season, when he scored 30 goals in manager Erik ten Hag’s first campaign, has been very different from this year.

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He was given a new five-year contract in the summer, with four more years to go, thanks to his performance from the previous season. With his new contract, he was expected to make £325,000 a year, making him United’s highest-paid player.

However, Rashford has fallen short of that status this year in Ten Hag’s troops’ otherwise dismal season. There had been rumors that PSG, who are trying to find a Kylian Mbappe replacement, may provide him a way out.

According to Mirror Football last month, the French powerhouses were preparing a £75 million offer for the England international. However, The Sun claims that PSG is no longer interested in Rashford.

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Kylian Mbappe
Kylian Mbappe

It is rumored that the Ligue 1 leaders have expressed ‘no interest’ in the attacker going forward. Rather, they are reported to think that the 26-year-old employed rumors of a possible transfer as bargaining chips during contract talks.

The 26-year-old’s terrible performances this season have also persuaded PSG to abandon their pursuit of him. A £75 million bid had been made, although it was assumed that United would be more interested in paying £100 million.

After disappointing once more in the draw with Bournemouth, Rashford will now concentrate on getting back on track. Former United player Gary Neville stated earlier this month that Rashford’s challenging season was turning into a serious issue.

“Marcus Rashford, I don’t know how to say this, but to me there’s something not right. He’s not right, and it’s not just a case of him not playing well, he doesn’t look happy. I’m looking at him and thinking, I am worried about him,” Neville told the Stick to Football podcast.

“We know there’s been a couple of instances this season, he’s come under pressure and his form has been bad, but I look at him and think that’s not right. It’s not a lad that’s grown up with the freedom and spirit of playing for Manchester United as a kid.

I mean, we are talking about Manchester United currently and the reason that I think Marcus Rashford is the continual element of focus is because he’s a huge player at the club. You know, he’s the biggest player at the club, along with Bruno Fernandes.

“So, they are the two that will always gain the most headlines. But through this period, obviously when the boss left it’s been talked about now for, I don’t know how long – 10/11 years ago – you [Rio] were there at the very beginning, when obviously it went from the boss leaving to this new era, which has been a struggle.”