Racist remarks on Rashford, said – Humanity level has fallen down

Marcus Rashford
Marcus Rashford

Marcus Rashford faced racist remarks, spoke on human values

The process of racist comment in sports is increasing day-by-day. Manchester United star Rashford has been victimized on social media in English Premier League (EPL). Rashford himself revealed this. He was saddened by the racist comments that the level of humanity and social media has fallen significantly. It is a matter of great regret.

United-Arsenal match after draw
In the EPL, the match between Manchester United and Arsenal on Saturday was a 0–0 draw. After this, there was a flood of comments against Rahford on social media. In response, Rashford wrote, “I am a black person and I live proudly with this fact every day. No other person or comment can make me feel any different than this.”

He further wrote, “I am not sharing any screen shot. This will be an irresponsible step. Children of all colors follow me. They do not need to read these comments. Different skin colors are not for racist attacks. This diversity should be celebrated. It should not be disturbed.”

Social media companies also responsible: Former footballer
Arsenal and former England team striker Ian Wright said social media companies are also responsible for such incidents. They should keep an eye on those who make such comments and take strict action. He said, “If a black player is not able to play well in a match, then different types of memes and emojis are thrown on him. Many of these are racist.

Britain’s government will talk to footballers
The UK government has taken racist comments seriously against footballers on social media seriously. The government is also scheduled to talk to former and current footballers on Monday.