Real Madrid Could Face Luton Town Soon, According To New UEFA Competition Format

Real Madrid
Real Madrid
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One fan has proposed a new UEFA Europa Conference League structure in which Luton Town would face Real Madrid.

The competition, which serves as Europe’s third division of continental club football, was launched in 2021.

UEFA agreed to develop the event in 2015, apparently expecting that a lower-level tournament would assist lower-ranked UEFA member countries in progressing beyond their predicted elimination from the Champions League and Europa League.

The Conference League champions are automatically qualified for the Europa League, however, the competition is widely seen as significantly less important than its two sister events.

As a result, one fan has proposed a new way to play the Conference League, arguing that it should be played in a single elimination format with a variety of large and medium-sized teams.

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Ted Knutson took to Twitter to express his audacious idea: “The UEFA Conference League should be a single elim tournament featuring every team from every big and medium-size league with random draws.

“The goal of the Conf League seemed to be to get more teams participating, at the cost of prize pools etc.

“You can obviously seed this a bit and have the biggest teams enter later, but get them ALL involved and watch the Cinderella storylines unfold. And FANS will travel.

“Luton vs Real Madrid at Luton. Nordjaelland vs AC Milan. Some day we could finally find out how foreign teams perform on a rainy night in Stoke.”

Aston Villa are now the Premier League’s representatives in the Conference League, and they are tied for first place in Group E with Legia of Poland after four games.

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