Report: United to join PSG bid for De gea

Sports Desk – Manchester United join PSG in a bid to transfer David de gea as Gianluigi Buffon announced to leave the club this summer.


David de gea, who is known as the best goalkeeper in the world by most of the people, have a bad season this year for Man United. Hence, the club decided to transfer him through PSG bid because the France side has announced that Buffon will not stay at the club next season.

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De gea was bought by United for £22.50 million from Atletico Madrid. De gea is linked with Real Madrid and Juventus.

Real Madrid have given a few chances to Keylor Navas after they signed Thibaut Courtois. Therefore, PSG has also shown interest in Navas. Also, the French club has negotiate the deal to United in a profitable amount so as to give De gea some chances to lead the team to win European Trophies like UEFA Champions League and UEFA Europa League.

United are talking about this contract for De gea as he had a poor form in the second half of the season.

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If this transfer happens then United will target Gianluigi Donnarumma of AC Milan or Atletico Madrid’s Jan Oblak.

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