Ronaldo’s inspirational message on social media

Cristiano Ronaldo

Cristiano Ronaldo gave an inspirational message on his Instagram account

As one of the most hardworking athlete in the world, Cristiano Ronaldo never give up. He has prove his haters wrong in his own style.

Recently Juventus lost to FC Porto by away goals in UEFA Champions League round-of-16 second leg. Ronaldo was the most targeted player off the field as he got so much of unnecessary hate.

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Though he lost to the Portuguese side, he came back with a very motivational message for his fans. He wrote on his Instagram post,

“More important than the number of falls you take in life, is how fast and how strong you get back on your feet… True champions never break! Our focus is already in Cagliari, in the Serie A struggle, in the Italian Cup final and in everything that we can still achieve this season.

It’s true that the past belongs in museums (I should say!), but fortunately, football has memory… and so do I! History can’t be deleted, it’s written every single day with resilience, team spirit, persistence and lots of hard work. And those who don’t understand this, will never achieve glory and success.”

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No doubt, he inspires us every time and his hard work pays off. His future at Juventus is uncertain and he is also linked with PSG and Manchester United for his transfer.