The Best Football Slots Game

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source - Hawk-Eye

As one of the most popular games played worldwide, football has made its way into mainstream culture and it’s possible to find football-themed versions of almost anything you can imagine. Fans are passionate about their local and national teams, and many play football as well as watching it at every available opportunity.

Similarly, slots have become a worldwide phenomenon since their development in the late 1800s by a car mechanic called Charles Fey. He was the first person to combine the idea of matching symbols on reels with an automatic payout system that meant bars, cafes, and dance halls could install them without needing an attendant to pay out the prizes

Perhaps it was inevitable that these two popular entertainment options would be combined at some point, and football-themed slots have proved popular among fans of both games. As technology has provided the means to design slots along any theme, sites such as Virgin Games have a range of slot games online with plenty of options for those who want to play games that match their other interests.

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Some of the most popular football-themed slots include:

Hot Shots

Football fans and animal lovers will appreciate this fun slot game that has a medium to high variance and a 97.12% RTP. The symbols are bright and colourful and the different countries competing are represented by animals that are associated with that country in real life, including a Bulldog for Britain.

The little touches make this an engaging game, such as the crowd noise as you play that really ramps up the sense of excitement. Although none of the bonus features is particularly complex, the way they combine with the paylines makes it easy to win.

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The visuals are what make this slot so special, with an incredible three-dimensional display and carefully chosen sound effects that are designed to make you feel as though you are a part of the game. Each roll is accompanied by a brief moment of silence, increasing the suspense as you wait for the reels to stop spinning.

Players that want to maximise their spins can try and trigger one of the free spin mechanisms within the game, by getting three or more footballs or a trophy on the fifth reel. Free spins themselves can be triggers for wild cards that guarantee wins, so players should always try and take advantage of these occasional bonuses.

Foxin Wins’ Football Fever

NextGen Gaming has designed a football slot game that is aimed at those who have a slightly bigger budget than most slots. The high maximum bet is the first clue that this game was designed for the high rollers, so although you can play with lower stakes, the best prizes will go to those that can afford to put their money where their football slot is.

The game features an animated fox who has three adorable cubs that occasionally fall into the reels to turn symbols wild. Similarly, Mr Fox himself is trying to catch a leprechaun that will earn players fifty times the value of their bet if he is tracked down.

Players that make it to the end can trigger the final gold scatter and hopefully win big as Mr Fox frolics across the screen leaving treasure in his wake.

Football Glory

For those that want to dabble in football slots without risking a lot of cash, Football Glory is a great slot game that has twenty-five pay lines and a low maximum bet. The crowds in the game will cheer you on as you try and fill your superstar meter to earn another batch of free spins with up to twenty-one for grabs in this game.

Players that get a silver or gold cup can trigger a bonus and extra prizes and although these are not easy to trigger, they are worth the effort.

Football Mania Deluxe

This is another simple yet eminently playable game that has no paylines, just symbols to match in adjacent slots to earn a win. Bonus games can be triggered if you get a central row full of lottery tickets, and you can beat this by getting the ball into the squares indicated to get even more footballs on your next go.

Winners will get the chance to play a minigame to maximise their prizes and these will increase the further into the game you get. Players can choose between high, medium, or low volatility to provide the choice between smaller, more frequent rewards, or larger prizes that you have to work up to.

Whether you are a fan of football, slots, or both, themed slots are a fun way to combine two fun pastimes into another engaging game. No matter what your budget, playing style, or level of experience, there’s a football-themed slot for you.