The new UCL format is just as bad as ESL

UEFA Champions League Live Streaming
UEFA Champions League Live Streaming

UCL announced the new UEFA Champions League format

The world football fans will never forget those three days of disgrace when Super League was about to happen. Although ESL is now suspended, we have a worse news to hear.

Just when the fans were happy after the victory over ESL, UEFA announced a new UCL format. The format is not better than ESL.

According to the new format:

  • There will be 36 teams instead of the normal 20 that we see in the Premier League or La Liga. 
  • The competition will change to one single table.
  • Teams in the table will play at least 10 games instead of the current six. 
  • There will be no second-leg, which means clubs will face 10 different opponents with half of the games at home.
  • The first slot will go to the club ranked third in the table of the association that is fifth in UEFA’s association rankings.
  • The second slot will go to a domestic champion after expanding the “champions path” from four clubs to five.
  • The third and fourth slots go to the two clubs with the highest club coefficients that have not qualified automatically for the UCL’s league stage but have qualified either for the qualifying stage or Europa League/Europa Conference League.
  • Passing through the knockout stages, 16 teams will be battling out.
  • The top eight teams will go into the last 16, but teams 9-24 will enter a playoff round.
  • Teams 9-16 will be seeded, and 17-24 won’t be, with a draw pairing the teams for two-legged affairs.
  • The teams who lose the playoffs enter the Europa League, while those finishing 25th and below are booted from European competition.  
  • The round of 16 through the final will be the same format as we have now with two legs in the round of 16, quarterfinals and semifinals.

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