This Is How Cristiano Ronaldo Ended Up Joining Al-Nassr

Where To Watch Cristiano Ronaldo's Matches For Al-Nassr In Saudi Pro League

Here we show you how Cristiano Ronaldo ended up signing Saudi Arabian club Al-Nassr

Did all European clubs reject the chance to sign Cristiano Ronaldo? Absolutely no, it’s just like I rejected the chance to buy a Ferrari on sale but the truth is I didn’t have the money buy & manager it.

Ronaldo’s case falls into the same scenario. There were top clubs that would have dreamt of signing him, but their wage structure just can’t afford his salary. The top clubs that could have afforded his salary – just didn’t nee to sing a striker in the mid of a season.

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If you buy a Ferrari, you use it and not keep it in your garage. Same is with CR7, if you sign him, you play him.

Was Al Nassr the only option left on the table for the Portuguese?

Well, it is not really like Al Nassr was the only option left for Ronaldo and in fact there must have been offers from various other clubs. MLS clubs would have grabbed the opportunity to sign him.

USA is the hub for business and Ronaldo means business. But perhaps, he didn’t fancy going to America with the history he has had.

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What about Sporting CP? He had to lower his wages hugely to join the club. But I guess that wasn’t the thing, maybe he was unhappy with the Portuguese media that went against him and wanted him to be benched.

Moreover, it may be that he was just done with this all hatred he has been receiving from the media. Especially, after having the worst year of his career. He must have wanted peace and an escape from all this.

Did Cristiano make the right decision by joining a Saudi club?

To be honest, Ronaldo has nothing left to prove his worth in European football anymore. He has already won everything he could, from league cups to UEFA Champions League.

He has had such a marvelous career that he deserves all the right to make his own decisions that benefits him & his family.

We all want Cristiano Ronaldo to compete at the top level. But his was the best decision for him personally & financially.

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