This Is How Cristiano Ronaldo Has Influenced The Saudi Arabian Market

Cristiano Ronaldo

Here we show you how Saudi Arab’s market sales have increased after Cristiano Ronaldo’s arrival

Cristiano Ronaldo has signed a two-year deal with the Saudi league club Al-Nassr FC and he has become the highest paid footballer in football history. He will reportedly earn a whooping $200 million at the club.

We all know Ronaldo is one of the most influential personality in the world. Whichever club he goes to, its market sales and social media always skyrocket rapidly. The same has been happening to Al Nassr.

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The Saudi Arabian club’s shirt sales have skyrocketed with the local fans rushing in to buy Cristiano Ronaldo’s jersey. The club has already made huge profits on shirt sales even before his arrival in Riyadh.

The club has also seen a sudden increase in their social media followers. They had less than 500k followers on Instagram but now they have increased to over 7 million after Ronaldo’s signing news.

We have seen these crazy scenes before when he signed Juventus in 2018 and then made a comeback to Manchester Untied in 2021.

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Juventus’ followers increased rapidly when he joined them from Real Madrid in 2018/19 season whereas United’s market sales skyrocketed the same way as they have been in Al Nassr.

Al Nassr want to host a similar ceremony to the one the Portuguese legend had at Real Madrid in 2009. Around 25-30k people are expected to be at Ronaldo’s presentation ceremony today at Al Nassr’s stadium, which is expected to last around two hours.

The five-times Ballon d’or winner confirmed on his Instagram account that he has passed the medicals in Saudi Arabia.

The surprising thing is that his Al-Nassr contract includes an exit clause that would allow him to leave for Newcastle if they qualify for UEFA Champions League this season.

Spanish media newspaper MARCA said in their statement: ‘Determined not to be left out of Europe’s primary competition, though, there is reportedly a clause in his contract that means if Newcastle United qualify for the Champions League this season, he can go on loan there as they are owned by the Saudi Arabian Public Investment Fund.’

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