This Is What Lionel Messi Said To His Grandma Before Lifting The World Cup

Lionel Messi
Lionel Messi

Here we show you the words Leo Messi said to his grandmother before winning the FIFA World Cup

It’s been a month since Argentina won the FIFA World Cup trophy and gave a tribute to Diego Maradona’s legacy. Lionel Messi lifted his first and probably the last World Cup trophy and completed the biggest dream of his career.

The whole world was celebrating that huge moment, not to mention even Cristiano Ronaldo’s fans were quite happy with it.

But do you know what Messi said to his grandmother before Argentina’s final penalty kick? The words he said tell us how heartwarming winning the World Cup was to him.

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A TikTok user has revealed what Lionel Messi uttered seconds before Gonzalo Montiel’s decisive penalty kick in the World Cup final.

This user read the lips of Messi who was looking at the sky with his eyes closed while saying these words to his grandmother: “It could be today, abu [grandma]”.

Let us tell you that Messi’s relationship with his grandma was incredibly strong. She was the only one who believed in his talent and used to take him to his football academy.

In an interview with ‘Tyc Sports’, the Argentinean legend recalled how he was teased by the team selectors about his physical condition. “My grandmother used to tell them: put him on, but they answered: no, no, he is too small. She came back and insisted: put him on, he will save the game.”

His iconic celebration of looking at the sky while pointing his hands at it has a reason behind it. While doing the celebration, he actually looks to his grandma at the sky.